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Reagan Kempton

Reagan is the managing director of See and Sway Media.  She comes to the media world from a background in education and film-education charities. She has a BA in English Literature and is a Certified Social Media Manager. (License 8479782)

In her free time she enjoys running, films, live music, food, travel and spending time with her family.



What we do

We provide social media management services, social media coaching, email marketing and online advertising so you don't have to.  We want to free you up to focus on your business and allow you to focus on what you want to do.

We are here to help all sizes of businesses create an online strategy, collaborate on content creation to align with branding and increase online customer reach.


Why we do what we do

Social Media is fun and a great tool to help get your businesses name out there.  We love being social and having fun with our brands.  Most large businesses have huge marketing departments that handle all of this for them, we think all businesses should be able to have that same access.

We know it can be frustrating so we are here to help.

We love meeting with business owners to understand the essence of their brand and figure out how to create fun and meaningful campaigns that align with that brand.