Creative Music Works

Creative Music Works in a non profit that specializes in non traditional music.  They are looking to be the hub of experimental and avant guard music in Denver.  This non profit is made up of a board of very talented musicians who are looking to collaborate with others.


The Brief

Creative Music Works wants to expand their reach, participate in festivals and sponsor shows for other musicians.


What we did

We focused on creating a content calendar that allowed the board to share their musical inspirations and help promote their favorite musicians and music venues in Denver.  Creative Music Works had a strong following on Facebook and Twitter, so we expanded their reach to Instagram.  Our main focus was posting constantly, creating interesting content and growing the audience.


where we are at

By promoting local artists and their work, they in turn have been reaching out and forming new partnerships.  Artists have also been reaching out to CMW to promote their local shows.  Growth is slow and organic to form more lasting and meaningful partnerships.