Kiddie Language Academy

Kiddie Language Academy (KLA) was created by experienced Early Education and Elementary school teachers and educators to promote language development and cultural awareness.  Their goal is to expose children to a new language in a friendly, playful, and fun atmosphere. KLA curriculum is designed with every type of learner in mind and engages every child.  They play games, sing songs, work on cultural crafts and of course speak only the target language. The core of the curriculum is based on TPR (Total Physical Response) that allows children to explore and learn any language through movement and manipulatives. 


The Brief

Create content to aid parents with their children's foreign language acquisition and expand the reach of the Kiddie Language Academy page.  


What we did

We created a content calendar to keep posting constant and helpful to parents.  We focus on learning resources, crafts and top tips to parents for both Mandarin language learners and Spanish language learners. To expand the page's reach we ran a series of ads targeted to people with Educational jobs within the Metro Denver area.  These ads featured students of the program showing off their new language skills.


where we are at

Kiddie Language Academy's facebook page has just passed 100 likes and is continuing to climb.  Parents and schools are utilizing the crafts and worksheets that have been posted to the page.  The growth has been steady and organic.